Let’s admit it, most of us don’t post the selfies we took the first time. It is frustrating when you thought you look on point in the mirror, but then the result is disappointing.

No worries, I got your back. In this post, we are going to share top 3 beauty mantras to make your selfies look like your fabulous self.


The first tip is to add the glow. Yes, you heard me, the difference between flash photography and front camera selfie is that the latter camera won’t wash you out. Swipe on highlighter across the cheekbone, brow bone, tip of the nose, and cupid bow for the supreme healthy-looking skin. Check out my highly-recommended highlighters here.

The second trick is to choose sheer coverage. Yes, I know that camera snaps all imperfections, but caked on face is going to make one looking like trying too hard. This also give the glowing complexion from the highlighter to appear more natural. Try foundations such as NARS Sheer Glow Foundation or Maybelline Fit-Me! Dewy+Smooth Foundation. Start applying from the centre of the face, as that’s where the redness is and needs more coverage. Afterwards, cover blemishes with thick-consistency concealer.


Once you have a nice base, start playing with colours. DO go out of your comfort zone. Pick one feature you want to emphasise, then accentuate it with stand-out shades. For instance, keep your eyes simple with bronzed eyeshadow, thin liner, meanwhile for the lips you can wear it burgundy. This trick will draw attention to your pout and helps to get you the selfie.

See, you don’t need the most expensive makeup to look gorgeous. What’s important is how you apply it. Aside from the 3 makeup tips, finding the best angle for your features is also essential. Try these tricks and you are one snap away from that Instagram-worthy selfie.

What do you think? Do you have other tips? Share down below!

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