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DIY: Tas Dari Celana Jeans

Ambil celana panjang kamu sekarang dan saatnya menggunting!

8 Ide Fashionable Memakai Culottes

Chic + Nyaman = Culottes

How To DIY – Ripped Jeans

Kamu tidak perlu membeli celana baru untuk mengikuti summer trend ini.

October 2015

Steal 12 Gorgeous Jenners’ Outfits Now (October Edition)

This is the second series of Jenners' outfits to copy. This month, Kendall Jenner traveled across  the globe to walk for Paris Fashion Week Fall 2015. Meanwhile, Kylie is seen hanging out with her family members, the boyfriend and running errands. Black, white and suede material dominate their style theme for October. Scroll down to steal [...]

September 2015

Singapore Journal

4 days spent in Singapore, it felt like a nostalgic experience for me. I went there to watch Ultra Music Festival 2015 and to have a follow-up check on my right eye. I ended up didn't receive any surgery, concerned about the visible scar. So hopefully the chalazion will shoo away with the ointment and pills. [...]

July 2015

I Tried Kim Kardashian ‘System’ Photoshoot Bodysuit

Warning: This post contains underwear-over-bodysuit pictures. So Kanye styled Kim in silk nude bra over nude bodysuit with stockings and mid-thigh boots...edgy much? I am not a professional fashion stylist, so I'm not one to comment. Anyway, I love Kim's daily outfits, even Kylie Jenner copies her sister often. I saw her in nude bodysuit a [...]