With new makeup brands popping up everywhere, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. This is true especially wherever you watch the media, that one new brand is always, always reviewed and said to be a holy grail.

Instead of putting my name on the site’s waiting list, I would’t get them, cause everyone already has it! Besides, their reviews are too good to be true. But, this City Color Cosmetics is not like that (at least not yet). That’s what gets me excited to try out their products.

Today I would like to review their lip products, Creamy Lips and Be Matte lipsticks. If you’re curious, read more down below.



City Color Cosmetics Creamy lips ($4.99 for 2.3ml) reminds me of NYX Lip Cream in terms of texture and staying power. It’s velvety on the lips and sits there. It is highly moisturizing and pigmented. Two swabs on the lips is enough to get its true colour.

The shades I bought are:

1. Blackberry Mojito – Cool toned purple

2. Chocolate Merlot – Warm tone deep burgundy

3. Flirtini – Warm tone mellow pink

This lip cream leaves a stained look after few hours, and you can also use it as a lip stain by dabbing it on the centre and spreading it evenly across the lips. Very versatile and affordable, I’m loving them!


Aren’t the packaging lovely? It looks sturdy and sleek. City Color Cosmetics Be Matte lipstick ($4.99 for 2.9g) is a range of lipsticks that delivers matte finish without drying your lips. It contains vitamin E, making it moisturising. The colour is opaque, takes about 2 swaps to get the pigmentation shown above.

There are 36 shades of Be Matte for you to choose from. The colours I picked up are:

1. Lana – Cool tone bright red. (bought it because of its name “Lana”, cause Lana Del Rey :p

2. Latte – Nude shade. LOVE.

3. Francesca – Cool tone burgundy.

I would recommend putting concealer or lip primer before putting this on to achieve the intensity and more lasting power. It lasts about 3 hours on my lips and leaves beautiful stains. Honestly with the price, they’re great value for money.

Overall Thoughts: YASSSS

What do you guys think? Are you going to try this product too? You MUST! 🙂

Thank you so much for reading! I love you xoxo