Five fall colour lipsticks for $6, what a steal!
The product is called Pro Lipstick Kit Vamp Collection by Freedom Makeup London. The shades are Pure Vamp, Vamp Noir, Dusk Till Dawn, Dark Paradise, Intense Noir. The finish of these lipsticks are creamy, and they’re pretty opaque, except for Intense Noir. The darkest shade appear to be patchy and gives uneven application. They last around 4 hours on my lips, with drinking and eating. Since they are creamy and are dark colours, you need extra precision and mirror-checking to prevent embarrassing bleeding moment.
Like the brow pomade, I recommend dusting translucent powder on top of it to increase the longevity and make sure it stays put.
Colour description:
Pure Vamp: Dark cool-toned red, real vampy colour
Vamp Noir: Dark warm-toned red.
Dusk Till Dawn: Dark fuchsia
Dark Paradise: Eggplant shade
Intense Noir: 20’s dark mauve shade. Unfortunately, it’s not as pigmented as it appears in the tube.
Swatches and photos are down below.
Overall: YASSS! This is perfect set if you are still trying to look for what fall/winter lip colours suit you. Give it a try, and once you find your IT colour, you can get the high-end brand lipsticks.