Do you use your eye pencils on your lips? I do! And these babies act like they’re meant for that.

In this post I would review and swatch Amazing Hypocrisy Eye Liner and Amazing Lip Liner and explain why I’m raving these products.

Makeup Revolution Amazing Hypocrisy Eyeliner ( £1 ) is claimed to be a versatile eyeliner that you can glide on BOTH your eyes and lips. There are five shades in this collection, which are Tipx, Baddest Blue, Depraved, Vice and Crime.

Let’s talk about the formula though. They are so smooth. Glides like a dream. Usually, drugstore eye pencils tend to be a little hard and doesn’t line with the best pigmentation, but this is just phenomenal. I also love the fact that each eye pencil comes with a sharpener so you don’t have to carry extra sharpener on your makeup bag.

I tried wearing Crime on my lips and it lasts for 6 hours. Oh and they are waterproof. In the description they didn’t mention it, but boy they last through water drains and shower gel. What’s not to love?

Swatches are down below.


Makeup Revolution Amazing Hypocrisy Eyeliner swatches


Left to Right: Crime, Tipx, Depraved, Baddest Blue, Vice

Next, Makeup Revolution Amazing Lip Liner ( £1 ) is a lipliner that is also waterproof when swatched. There are 8 shades in the line, and I ordered all of them but when it comes in the mail, I only received 6 as the other two were sold out. I have Nearly Naked, Baby Pink, Soft Pink, Bold Pink, Vamp and Cherry Red. I really want The One; the only nude lipliner in the store. Meh, hopefully it’s available the next time round.

Similar to Hyprocisy Amazing eye liner, these lip pencils glide smoothly on the lips and is ultra creamy. Gorgeous pigmentation, it also comes with a sharpener-to-go.

Swatches are down below.

Makeup Revolution Amazing Lip Liner review

Makeup Revolution Amazing Lip Liner swatches

Left to Right: Bold Pink, Cherry Red, Nearly Naked, Vamp, Soft Pink, Baby Pink

Overall: YASSS! I mean, for the price, the quality is way way up.

Do you agree? Are you going to get them? Tell me what you think. 🙂

Makeup Revolution Amazing Lip Liner review swatches 2015